5 Reasons Why 42,090 Heavy People With Sciatica & Lower Back Pain Have Chosen The Lumbowrap Over Other Options On The Market

Three women wearing back supports while performing household activities.

1. It Has Built In Metal Strips That Prevent Rolling

Big people who use the Lumbowrap experienced rapid improvements in their walking because the Lumbowrap has build-in metal straps that prevents rolling and gives much more compression.

Woman in black shirt and jeans smiling on a porch with hands on hips.

2. Extra Wide So It Fits Big People With Sciatica

The extra wide straps make it much better than the other back supports on the market because the Lumbowrap will give more support to the hips and lower back.

Person wearing a back brace outdoors with arm tattoos visible.

3. Stronger Velcro That Makes It Stay In Place During Longer Walks & Exercising 

The super-strong velcro was made so that big people can move around more with it and be active so that the wrap won't roll or go down. 

Person wearing a back support brace over a textured white top and floral pants.

4. Big People Are Able To Go Shopping, Exercise, Do Housework, & Go On Long Walks

Regular daily tasks became much easier to do once they walked more and became more active with the Lumbowrap. Their back pain and sciatica wasn't there to limit them anymore and just imagine what you would do if the pain wasn't there anymore.

Person wearing and adjusting a lumbar support belt in a room. Text reads 'lumbowrap.'

5. They Didn't Have Anything To Lose When Trying The Lumbowrap Wrap

Lumbowrap gives their customers 100 days to try the product and if their customers are not happy with their order, they will get all of their money back. This removes the risk from their customers completely making it safe to order from them.

Facebook comment praising a Lumbowrap for its support and effectiveness in alleviating sciatica and arthritis pain.

What Lumbowrap Customers Say About it

4.8/5 rating - 5,209 reviews

Used By Over 40.000+ Thousand Big People With Sciatica Can Now Walk Further & Stand Up For Longer Periods

Man smiling and wearing a back support belt in a kitchen.

5/5 rating

"I couldn't exercise for many years and I lost all motivation to even get started because of my awful lower back pain. This wrap, took away the pain so well that I was able to go from walking about 100 steps per day to walking over 10.000 steps per day. This process took 8 months but I went from weighing 290 pounds down to 240 pounds. Much happier and more energy"


Woman in casual clothes standing in a living room with a back brace belt.

5/5 rating

"Being a big woman at 280 pounds, getting starte with exercising was impossible because of my pain until I tried the plus-size lumbowrap. This relieved the back pain so well that I was able to walk more and eventually do longer workouts and walks. I lost over 30 pounds in just 25 days and it's just getting better. It was a massive help for helping me get started!"

Amy R

Person smiling and standing on a porch, wearing a black shirt and jeans with a black and mint belt.

5/5 rating

"I struggled with severe lower back pain for years, which killed my motivation to exercise. This wrap changed everything for me. It relieved my pain so effectively that I went from barely managing 300 steps a day to consistently walking over 6000 steps daily. Over the course of 5 months, I lost 44 pounds, going from 250 to 200 pounds. Now, I feel much happier and more energetic."

Leyandra O.


Lumbowrap VS Others

Comparison of Lumbowrap waist support belt for big waists vs. other brands.


Try The Lumbowrap For 100 Days Risk-FREE. Results Guaranteed Or ALL Of Your Money Back

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