The Plus-Size Lower Back & Hip Wrap

For big people who can't walk or stand for more than a couple of minutes at a time because of sciatica

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Why Is The Lumbowrap® Different?

Specifically Made For Big People

The Lumbowrap has 1 person in mind. Big people who awlays struggle with finding products that fit.

Multi-Wrap Technology

The 2 adjustable straps that work together is what make the Lumbowrap so good at relieving hip and lower back pain.

Fits Easily Under Your Clothes During The Day

Don't show it off during the day. Hide it comfortably beneath your clothes and do your thing.

Guaranteed To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Try it for 60 days and return it for FREE if you don't like it.

What Lumbowrap Customers Are Saying

Wrap It Around Your Hip & Lower Back & Instantly Feel The Difference



01. Put it on your lower back just above your hips

You can place the black wrap part on your hips or just above it. 

02. Pull the black wrap around as hard as you can

Wrap it around as tight as possible so it stays in place.

03. Pull the green wraps around over the black wraps. Adjust accordingly.

Pull the other straps on top around the black wraps and with these, you can adjust the amount of pressure you want.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

it works and fits or you get all of your money back.


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