Control your lower back pain naturally with a support wrap that fits!

We at Lumbowrap created the life-changing lumbar wrap for big people who couldn't find anything that fit their waists. 

Our product has totally changed the lives of thousands of bigger people globally so they can live a more normal and fulfilling life without being limited by lower back pain and hip pain.

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How the Lumbowrap works
compared to other waist wraps

1. Specially designed for big people with wide waists.

Our waist wrap is specifically made for very big people and that's why our lumbar support wrap is so different and unique. This is the only place to find our plus-size waist wrap.

2. Get the same type of lower back and hip pain relief like normal people.

Never suffer with lower back or hip pain again and live a more normal life because now that there's a size for your wide waist, you will get the same type of relief as regular people.

3. Completely adjustable so you can get the perfect amount of support for your back

The adjustable wrap allows you to get the perfect amount of support when walking, standing, and sitting meaning that you'll feel more freedom of movement in your everyday life with zero pain.

Live like you did 20 years ago with no back or hip pain.
Our wrap truly fits and it will unlock a new life for you with no pain and limitations in your mobility. 

The waist wrap keeps your body more stable and makes it much easier to stand, walk, and sit with no pain.

This is the waist wrap that truly fits big people with wide waists.