3 Reasons Why People With Big Bellies Can't Walk Without The Lumbowrap® Belly Wrap

"It works so well that people with big bellies can't even believe the relief they get" - Amy

Person wearing a black lumbar support belt over a green shirt, on a balcony.

1. Supports Your Belly When Walking

The belly wrap will support you in a way that will instantly relieve back pain by reducing the stress on your back form your belly.

Person demonstrating how to use the LUMBOWRAP therapeutic lumbar support on a porch.

2. Don't Slouch Down Anymore

Having a big belly makes it very difficult to walk far and that's why this is the perfect wrap for supporting your belly so that you can go shopping and do the things you enjoy.

Person wearing a black lumbar support wrap outdoors on a wooden deck.

3. Specifically Made For Big People

The Lumbowrap Belly Wrap is specifically made for big people with big bellies and that's why you'll never waste money again on a wrap that don't fit.

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Try It Risk-Free For 60 Days

Try it risk-free and if it doesn't fit or work, you will get all of your money back and you don't even need to send it back to us. That's how confident we are in our plus-size belly wrap. 

Literally 0 risk for you. It works and fits or you get all of your money back.

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50,000+ Happy Customers With Big Bellies

Hear From Other Lumbowrap Customers

Can Finally Walk Again With Less Stress On My Back!

it was the perfect belly wrap because if fitted perfectly and relieved the tension in my back when doing housework.

Gregory T.

Went From Walking 100 Steps To Walking Over 10.000 Steps AND Losing Weight!!

I had trouble with losing weight for over 5 years because every time I tried to walk, my back started to hurt because of my big belly. This helped with that and allows me to start my journey to a healthy lifestyle! I lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks by being more active.

Mary G.

Finally, A Belly Wrap That Fits!!

I wasted too much money on products like this before that left me frustrated. This was the first belly wrap that fitted AND worked. I was able to stand up at work all day with less back pain.

Carl S.

50,000+ Customers With Big Bellies Use It For Reducing Tensions In Their Backs!

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